Are sheaf theorists fascists?

A friend observes: Italian fascismo “fascism” ← Italian fascio ← Latin fascis → French faisceau, “sheaf”, hence sheaf theorists are fascists.


One thought on “Are sheaf theorists fascists?

  1. There is another latent connection here: the word fascism is named for the rod that a Roman emporer held called “fasces”: this was a bundle of wooden rods. But sheaf as in “sheaf of papers” or “sheaf of barley” is precisely a bundle.

    As an aside—these fasces were used decoratively, and in particular in some colleges of the ancient universities (which shall remain unnamed), you can find them on fences in squares or quads, which I have always found amusing because of this association. Refering to e.g. certain college administrators as fascists then has a new meaning etc.

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